What is Air My Opinion

AMO is a technology facilitator that enables organisations to gather and interpret behavioural trends.

  • We work with partners to identify public opinions and views

  • Our surveys are carefuly designed to examine key issues

  • AMO's mobile apps provide innovative surveys & polls

  • Poll results typically published the following day

  • Daily polls take just a few minutes to complete

  • AMO returns real time survey data to client

 Current Project

Attach Logo

ATTACH - Attitudes About COVID-19 & Health

  • Identify immediate effects of COVID-19 on communities

  • Inform future public policy

  • Help to tailor psychological support for high risk groups

  • Daily polls with short monthly survey

This study is lead by a research team at University College London (UCL)

 Vote in Daily AMO Polls

Polls each day at 10am & 2pm 

Example Poll

Q - In the past week, have you felt that the COVID-19 pandemic could bring people together or tear them apart?

Vote split by %

 Help researchers help you!

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Take part in this novel research to make a change

  • Share your opinion as your voice matters
  • Help us understand everyone’s experience
  • No bias, just science 
  • Help us improve future responses

AMO sends your votes securely via standard SMS, these are usually included free in UK airtime bundles. Ask your mobile supplier if you get inclusive SMS to standard UK mobiles.

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AMO is not like other polling companies

  • Open to all UK residents
  • Not limited to 1,500 votes
  • Get your opinions aired
  • Interactive & immediate
  • Polls on current affairs

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  COVID-19 Lockdown

Information & Resources

COVID -19 virus

AMO has a wide amount of information about the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the UK.

For full AMO COVID-19 resources

     Securing your Votes

Air My Opinion Security

With AMO UK polls you can rely on the fact that only people in the UK can vote and they can only vote 1 time per device.

  • AMO UK polls & surveys enforce a policy of 1 person 1 vote & are only open to people based in the UK.
  • The AMO UK app can only be downloaded from the Google Play & Apple App Stores by UK users.
  • We use free “in-bundle SMS” to send each of your votes to our servers.
  • Because of the way SMS works we are able to determine if the SMS originated in the UK
  • Use of SMS prevents “BOTS” & hackers from creating fake votes.

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   Rainbow Remembers

Rainbow Remembers candle vigil
The website to remember forever ALL the victims whose lives were tragically cut short by Covid-19 from the very first death on March 6, 2020.

The sheer volume of coronavirus deaths plus the national lockdown has meant the passing of a much loved family member has not been properly marked. No traditional funeral, no moving send-off, no wake.

It has left many struggling to deal with their loss. So we have put together an online memorial to commemorate EVERY single person who died.

Rainbow remembers was set up by the team from AMO along with:
  • Linda Lusardi 
  • Eddie Large’s family 
  • thephagroup.com 

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