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Help, support and Advice


Someone to talk to in time of need.

AMO is often polling users on issues that can cause great emotions. All of our polls are carefully constructed to avoid causing distress, however if you are affected by any of the issues we poll on here are a number of UK based services that are available to you.

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Concerns about COVID19

Help in a crisis

Debt management charity
Support for young people
Age Related Concers
Domestic violence 

Domestic violence
Cancer Support 

Help control violence

Multiple advice lines
Problems with Drugs
Problems with Alcohol
Problems with food
Problems with Gambling
Problems with Cocaine
Mental health support
Benefit advice 
Bereavement Support 
Relationship Counselling

     Help the Scientist's fight 

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Help scientists by airing your opinion on COVID-19; download the App - your poll votes will help in efforts to understand, model, and improve future responses to pandemics.


AMO sends your votes securely via standard SMS, these are usually included free in UK airtime bundles. Ask your mobile supplier if you get inclusive SMS to standard UK mobiles.
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