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Key Workers COVID19

Who is a Key Worker

Not everyone is in lockdown. The UK will only overcome the Coronavirus crisis if it keeps its essential services alive, like the NHS, postal system, transport network, etc…And this resiles on ‘key workers’.
The map below shows you how the number of Key workers varies acording to the part of the UK you live in .

The government has outlined exactly what a ‘key worker’ is - there is a full list below.
Without these heroes, whether they are nurses, train drivers or police, this country would crumble. Everybody owes these men and women a debt of gratitude.

Health and social care
All NHS staff
Cleaning workers
Frontline health 
Specialist staff 
Support personel

Supply chains:
Medicines producers & distributors
PPE producers & distributors
Food producers & distributors

Education and childcare:
Nursery staff
Social workers.
Teaching assistants 

Food and other necessary goods:
Distribution & delivery of goods
Food chain workers
Sales outlets

Key public services:
Justice system workers
Postal workers 
Public service broadcasters
Religious staff 

Local & national government:
Admin workers essential for Covid-19 response.
Civil nuclear, 
Chemical Manufacturing 

Utility operations workers:
Postal services 
Water and sewerage 

Frieght & Delivery Transport
Public Transport
Essential financial services.

Public safety and national security:
Police and support staff
Ministry of Defence civilian staff
Armed forces personnel
Fire and rescue staff
Border security, 
Prisons and probation

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