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I am a father of two children, 6 and 3 years old who I have at mine every other weekend.  One day into their last visit I was told by their mother that she had become ill and that I was going to have them for the next week or so.

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 Day 1 of Homeschooling

As schools are now closed, I made some preparations for my first home schooling lesson.  I made them breakfast, had my coffee and put on PE class by Joe at 9am.  My three year old followed along in the excercises for about 10 minutes and dropped out while my six year old was able to last the full 30 minutes with a bit of encouragement. 
Next up I got my six year old in her Jiu Jitsu Gi and lead her and her brother in a children’s Jiu Jitsu class which I had witnessed a few times when the academy was still open.  My three year old was  a little scared, but after with some coercing I was able to teach him a few of the basic positions and they wrestled happily for a little while.
At 10:15 I read to my three year old while my six year old read on her own. After this my daughter asked me to make her some math problems.  I made some basic addition and subtraction of 30 problems and she completed it quickly getting 100% which I put on the fridge.
After that I started making lunch while my kids began building their marble set.  They both ate happily with my six year old trading some of her sausages for her brother’s marmite toast. 
I washed up and downloaded some more reading that her school had emailed to me and my daughter read a bit more to her brother.  Without a printer with the local printing shop cIosed I was unable to get more worksheets out but I might be able to sort some later in the week.
So far the day has been much less of an effort that I might have expected.  Other than the PE class the TV hasn’t been on and my kids have been perfectly happy to come to me for activities and structure.  We’ve lost quite a lot due to this virus, but I’m very happy I can be grateful for what I have.

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