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Coronavirus community poll
Social distancing brings us together  

Social distancing is actually bringing communities together, new polling data reveals. asked its APP USERS whether or not their ‘sense of being part of a local community has changed in the last seven days’.

Amazingly, 47% of people said their sense of community has increased, while 38% said it had stayed the same. 

This means only 15% of people felt that they had become more distant from their community, despite the fact we are all enduring enforced social distancing. 

It appears the public also support the fact the police are enforcing the government's lockdown laws, despite the fact that every single national newspaper ran an article today questioning whether police are being too draconian. asked its APP USERS how they would best describe their view on the new laws enforcing the lockdown across the UK, and how they feel about punishing those who don't follow them?

A convincing 83% of people were supportive of the the lockdown laws and the fact they are being enforced, while 13% were unsure and just 4% were against.

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