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COVID-19 Statistics

  1. It would appear that the Spanish made a decision that the use of ICU beds was not appropriate for patients aged over 80 years of age with just 358 out of 23,309 receiving an ICU bed.
  2. Based upon the results of Antibody tests the infection rates are relatively uniform for all age groups above 40 years old.
  3. The chance of a person under 20 being either Asymptomatic or have mild symptoms was greater than 99% whereas a person over 90 yrs was around 50% likely to be asymptomatic.
  4. From the antibody testing it is suggested that 293,631 people of School/University age have had COVID19, but due to the mild nature of symptoms the majority did not go to a Doctor or visit a Hospital. 
  5. Only 2,202 people in this educational age range sought medical intervention of which 7 went on to die.
NB. There is a general concern about how best to shield the most vulnerable groups in society when schools and universities are reopened. The role of children and young people in spreading the disease is still not well understod and requires further investigation. There may be a higher proportion of multi generalitional living in Spain compared to the UK.

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