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Alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Before we look at the use of hand sanitizers, please think of Key workers who need to use hand sanitizers when the don't have access to soap and water. So always ask yourself can I use soap and water instead. Doctors and Paramedics for example out in the community don't have this choice, they need hand sanitizer to protect you and your loved ones.

  1. Hand sanitizers should only ever be used if you do not have access to soap and water. The action of sanitizers is completely different to that of soap and water.
  2. Alcohol -based hand sanitizers work by breaking down the cells of germs, to achieve this they require you use enough product and make sure the alcohol is left for long enough to do its job. Where hand sanitizer is a scarce resource the danger is that people do not use enough product and render its use ineffective.
  3. Where you do use hand sanitizer you must always ensure that you continue to rub your hands till they are completely dry. By the time your hands are dry the action of rubbing assists the exposure to alcohol in breaking down the germs.
In summary use of soap and water should always be your priority, only using sanitizer when you have no access to soap and water. Please remember it is important to keep the outer layers of skin (dermis) moist and healthy in order to maintain the effective skin barrier working properly. 

Excessive use of hand sanitizer may break down the dermis. So don't use hand sanitizer at home use soap and water. FInally if you need to use hand sanitizer due to your work, remember to get a good quality hannd moisturiser to protect the dermis.

Please share this with anyone that is fearful as a result of strugling to get hand sanitizer.


WHO Hand Sanitizer Formula

Hand Sanitizer

If you are strugling to buy hand sanitizer then why not make your own. The World Health Organization has a clear formula for making inexpensive hand sanitizer. All of the ingredients are freely available in the high street. Pleaase avoid the social media formulas, not only will they fail to protect you they may also damage your hands.

Click here to go to the World Health Organisation site.

WHO Hand Sanitizer


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