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Myth or fact covid 19

Misinformation costs lives.

Right now on social media there are so many lies circulating about how to prevent the contraction and spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). is providing you with a one-stop-shop of up to date, well researched facts about Coronavirus - and we’re also busting some social media myths while we’re at it.
For example: 

  • Soap and water IS better than alcoholic hand sanitiser when it comes to getting rid of your germs. 
  • Gargling with salt and vinegar DOES NOT stop you contracting Covid-19. 
We will be presenting you with advice from top experts - no misinformation, no speculation, no guff…just facts.

Every day we’ll also publish top tips on how to minimise the risk of getting the virus; such as how to ensure your mobile phone is hygienic, and we’ll be also give you the latest statistics on both UK and global contamination and death toll, and info on how the stock markets are doing. cares about you. Sign up to our polls & help us to provide a picture of how the nation is coping with the Coronavirus.

AMO Myth fit

Busted - Staying fit in quarantine

It is easy to keep fit and stay healthy while quarantined in your own home, no matter how small or large your property is. Many elderly people,  and their relatives, are concerned about the negative impact an extended period of isolation may have on their health- especially in terms of maintaining joint movement and cardiovascular activity. 
Don't worry! 
The key to staying healthy is to make sure you spend at least 20 minutes every day increasing your heart rate, and of course maintaining a healthy diet. 
Here are some top tips on how to exercise and eat healthily during quarantine, as well as links to official NHS and government advice.
Exercises most of us can do: 

  1. Walking: You’d be surprised how easy it is to get your heart rate up! Simply by walking around your house at a decent pace for just a couple of minutes can get the heart pumping.
  2. Raising/Rotating Arms: Whilst sitting, if you raise your arms above your head or stretch them out as wide as possible, and then rotate them, you keep your joints moving and increase your heart rate.
  3. Leg Stretches: Whilst sitting, extend your legs as far outwards as possible and rotate your ankles. Repeat 5 times. This helps maintain blood circulation.
For those a little more ambitious:

  1. Push ups (if able)
  2. Sit ups (if able)  
More official NHS advice on how to exercise at home.
Diet Tips:
Comming soon from dietry experts.

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