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How can I tell my email is from Hive?
Scam emails are designed to get hold of sensitive information, such as your passwords and credit card details. It’s really important you don’t reply with any personal information, or click on any links enclosed.
Phishing emails are not always easy to spot. Here are some things to look out for:

Does the content ring true?
If it sounds urgent or dramatic, and it asks you to reply with information via email, it’s likely to be fake

Is it an unusual request?
Even if the email looks legitimate, if the request is unusual or unlikely, don’t reply.

Check the address behind the name
Some phishing emails appear to come from a legitimate name. So always click on the full ‘from’ address at the top of the email. Often this will show it to be fake.

Hive will only ever contact you from the below email addresses. Check that the email address matches EXACTLY, as scammers can sometimes make small changes to the address so it appears genuine:

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