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Localised Coronavirus Scams in the UK

Criminals and fraudsters are using the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to scam people - especially the most vulnerable members of society. 
Last year alone, The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that there were 3.8million fraud offences.
Con artists tend to focus on the elderly and/or disabled because they see them as easy prey. Scammers use a variety of tactics: Emails, letters, phone calls…they may even knock on your front door. 
AMO is providing a list of the most common scams taking place RIGHT NOW and tips on how to AVOID THEM:
  • GOOD CAUSE’ SCAMS: Many people are posing as charity workers in order to con others out of their money. If someone asks you for a charitable donation NEVER give them your bank details or any personal information. Contact the charity’s official Head Office and make a donation that way. 
  • IF SOMEONE KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR, YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER IT: We have all been told by the government to avoid social interaction. There have been reports of fraudsters wearing what appear to be official Red Cross jackets. Nobody is going door-to-door during a pandemic and if a ‘charity worker’ rings your bell, it is likely they are not who they say they are.
  • BEWARE COLD CALLS: Cold calls, emails, texts or WhatsApp messages may look official, but they are often fake. Never agree to send them any money or give them ANY personal details.
  • FAKE PRODUCTS: Thousands of people have been conned into buying fake hand-sanitiser, face masks, etc. Always look at the ratings and reviews before you make a purchase. 
  • NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY: Fake credit card ‘companies’ are contacting people to ask if they want a loan. They often ask for a £50 fee up front. Do not get involved with them. 
Below we also have a few useful video clips on what the criminals are doing to exploit the Coronavirus situation.

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