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It really makes a difference where you set up your home office. Where possible, do not use the same space that you relax in, particularly not the sofa! It is important to keep that physical and mental separation from your workspace and relaxing home space. A separate room with a door would be ideal so you can close the door on your work at the end of the working day.

Try to avoid slouching over in an uncomfortable workspace and where you have a window, avoid positioning yourself directly where you might get glare from it by sitting perpendicular to it or closing your curtains or blinds. If there is no natural light, try to set up lighting behind your screen to avoid a big contrast with the light from your screen.

One of the most important considerations working from home is getting the right working surface height to sit at when working. Elbow’s should be at a 90° angle with your shoulders relaxed. Kitchen tables are normally too high, giving you shoulder and neck discomfort after long periods of working. If your forearms are elevated, it could cause circulation problems and numbness. Obviously, the best solution would be working at an office-type desk adjusted to your height, but in absence of this there are a few tricks to explore…


If your chair is too low for you, add a cushion. IF you have poor or no lower back support, try putting a small cushion or rolled up towel behind your lumbar region.

If your monitor or laptop sits too low (i.e. the centre to the top third of the screen is not sitting at your eyelevel) then add something stable like a box, a large book or ream(s) of paper below it.

If your feet don’t touch the floor, put something stable like a small box or ream of paper below your feet.

If you are getting glare on your screen, close your curtains or blinds enough to stop the glare. Failing that, try relocating your seating area or workstation.


  • Feet should be flat on the floor
  • Knees should be at about a 90° angle
  • Elbows, again, at about a 90° angle
  • Hips should be roughly at a 90° angle
  • Your laptop or monitor should have the centre to top third of the screen at your eye level.
  • When you type and use a mouse, your wrists should be straight
  • Take regular breaks to stretch out and give your eyes a break

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