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Positivity COVID19

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21st  March 2020

At a time of crisis it is easy to become negative and selfish, but we are ALL in this together. We have a chance to unite and reconnect both to ourselves and to those around us.

 The choices we make define us, and together we can make a difference.

It may seem like the current restrictions imposed on our lives are a punishment, or a negative. Many people have lost their jobs, some are struggling to pay the rent/mortgage, or  feel lonely, isolated and scared. It's a scary time. But it doesn't mean that only negatives can come out of this. 

We want to help you see the positives, the potential, the opportunities...we hope to give you reassurance and accurate, up-to-date medical/scientific/givernment information on the Coronavirus crisis. 

We are also publishing daily diaries from leading psychologists, current frontline nurses, parents coping at home with young children, and many others so you can know about the reality on the ground.

We hope you find this site helpful. Please download the AMO app and help us try to make the world a better place. 

Love & Peace
The AMO Team
Some Positive things we can all do
  1. A lot of online courses are being offered for free. We can all learn something new, something we were always interested in. Or something we never even considered before. We never stop learning in life and we easily forget that.
  2. We can get closer to our close ones, and also our communities, helping one another, connecting, collaborating, instead of buying guns to protect what is ours.
  3. We can refocus on our health, making sure we understand better what is good for us, nutrition, exercise, food hygiene etc.
  4. We become more aware of our fragility, and that of those around us. A chance to appreciate life more in all its beauty and facets.
  5. We are more educated on germs, viruses, cures, preventions, etc. etc.
  6. We become more aware of how our governments are helping, or not.
  7. Try to do some good, altruism and compassion are great healthy and rewarding activities.
  8. To catch up with yourself take stock, rest, re-energise, re-focus.
  9. To do all the niggling odd jobs round your house you have been putting off forever.
  10. Listening to others and learning more about ourselves and them. Call people on the phone, old friends, acquaintances, make new friends.
  11. Manifest more love and less fear or hate. We have a choice.
  12. Express gratitude to those who risk their life to help us like the health service, a lot of shops, restaurants, companies are facilitating health workers in lots of ways.


Enviroment COVID19

The Earth is suffering and we all know that, yet most of us do not actively do anything about it. NOW we are ALL doing something about it, and while we do nothing, the earth is thanking us, it is regenerating, dolphins are swimming in Venice again. Earth is having a little break from us and is benefiting.

And when we hear news that China is back in business what does that mean, if we all get back to “Normal” without having learned from this exercise. Is it a necessarily a good thing?

Clearly there has been a lot of trauma caued by Coronavirus and a lot more to come. But the planet is having a chance to heal....
1.       Less travel means less emissions, smaller carbon footprint.
2.       Agriculture has a time to naturally cycle.
3.       Trees are breathing better for us as pollution is decreased.

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