Android Installation Guide

See below for a walk through on installing the AirMyOpinion app on an Android handset.


Install App

Android Install AMO

Click 'install' to set up your device

Start AMO app

Android Open AMO

Click 'Open' to start AirMyOpinion app.

Splash screen   

Android Splash AMO

Click 'Next' on App splash screen.


Android Register AMO

Don't forget to hit ''Register'

Initial Polls

Android Vote Init AMO

 Click 'vote' after each poll.

Using SMS

Android Disclaimer AMO
Click 'Go' after reading.

Send SMS

Android SMS AMO

Please hit send in your SMS program. 

     Help the Scientist's fight 

AMO Download

Help scientists by airing your opinion on COVID-19; download the App - your poll votes will help in efforts to understand, model, and improve future responses to pandemics.


AMO sends your votes securely via standard SMS, these are usually included free in UK airtime bundles. Ask your mobile supplier if you get inclusive SMS to standard UK mobiles.

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