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Initial polling from AMO

From AMO's launch in late Spetemebr 2019 the daily polling was focused on political opinions with the main thrust and focus on BREXIT. this was a key issue to say many people in the UK. The Archive of Polls shows a facinating glimpse at the feelings of the UK public between 3rd September 2019 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Feb 2020.

Some of the key concerns over BREXIT 

Each of us has different priorities and goals in our lives and regardless of our political view point we all see BREXIT in a slightly different way. Here are some of the key areas that BREXIT will impact in our lives.

Impact of COVID-19

COVID -19 virus

What the Remainers are saying 

1) It would be complete suicide for the UK to continue with BREXIT while we are trying to come to terms with COVID-19.
2) We need to have the EU framework in order to assist the UK's recovery from COVID-19
3) It will be impossible to negotiate a trade deal with the EU in the time available due to the coronavirus.

What the Brexiteers are saying

1) COVID-19 has shown the lack of leadership in the EU as well as the lask of solidarity amongst member states.
2) The bill to help repair the damage of other EU members will cost UK jobs and be paid for generations to come.
3) The UK economy will recover far quicker without the EU to solw it down.

Food Supply Chain

Air My Opinion Food

What the remainers are saying

1) Supermarket shelves will contain a lot less diversity of products
2) Food prices will go up
3) Our food exports will rot in the docks and become non competitive

What the Brexiteers are saying

1) Our farmers will be able to sell high quality goods directly to the UK market
2) Our fishing fleets will be able to fish without EU quotas
3) If our EU partners choose to let our goods rot in the docks there wont be lorries to send their goods to us. 

Medical Treatment Post Brexit

Air My Opinion Medical

What the Remainers are saying 

1) Anyone suffering from a chronic or degenerative illness requiring medicine is undoubtedly concerned. 90% of all UK prescriptions are imported, 45% of those from the EU. 
2) Rationing of drugs by doctors and consultants.
3) A trade deal with America might involve US companies running parts of the NHS.

What the Brexiteers are saying

1) We are such a large market that the drug companies need our business and will find a new way to supply us in the medium and long term. 
2) The removal of tariffs will allow us to buy medicine in the international markets at cheaper prices, no rationing will be required.
3) The NHS is not going to be part of any trade deal with the USA.

Holidays & travel

Air My Opinion Travel

What the remainers are saying

1) British Passport will need changing and Passport Control at airports will struggle to cope
2) Eurpoean travelers will be put off visiting UK by visa requirements
3) British citizens will be turned away at European Borders

What the Brexiteers are saying

1) No EU country will turn away Britsh passport holders for holiday or business travel
2) EU citizens with passports planning to visit the UK for a period of 1 month will be free to do so.
3) Commercial arrangements for Airtravel and Mobile Roaming will remain unchanged.

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In the words of our former wartime leader

 Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Sir Winston Churchill

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