Can I still use AMO if I am on holiday or travelling?

We will allow your votes to be counted whilst travelling for a trip of upto 15 days. After 15 days if you do not return to the UK we will not count your votes untill you return to the UK. 

Also be aware that if you are travelling out-side your free roaming countries you will be charged to send your votes to AMO whilst travelling. 

Please check with your mobile operator of you will be charged to send SMS to standard UK numbers whilst travelling.

Do I have to pay for my SMS when voting with AMO?

For most UK residents the SMS's used to vote with AMO are included in your bundle. As far as we are aware all UK bundles both pre-pay and post-pay include a monthly allowance of SMS to standard UK numbers. In many cases this is 5,000-10,000 SMS per month. 

Please make sure you receive inclusive SMS and are not going over your current monthly limit otherwise your mobile operator will charge their standard tariff for SMS to UK mobile networks. 

If you are on a pre-pay tariff and do not purchase a monthly bundle then you will be paying the standard rate each time you vote with AMO. 

If you are using AMO whilst on holliday or travelling overseas, you will be charged unless you are in a "free roaming" destination.

How can I see the results of your polls?

Polling results are available on our website using the Results Tab, they are also visible to users that have downloaded the App from within the user interface. On your homescreen in the App you will see a link to Previous Polls results. We typically update the poll resaults at 10am on each working day.

How often do you run polls?

We aim to run 2 polls per day at 10am and 2pm. There will also be some special occaisons where we run extra polls due to special events that are taking place.

Is AMO open to everyone?

Anyone with a UK sim card that lives in the UK can use AMO. If you are not based in the UK you cannot download the AMO app from Apple or Android stores. 

If you are visiting the UK with a non-UK sim card and download the app we will not include any votes that you submit and you may still get charged for sending your SMS votes.

GDPR - Privacy policy

Our GDPR policy has been written in plain English and can be found here.

Terms and conditions

Our Terms and Conditions have been written in plain English and can be found here.

What personal information do you need?

We ask for as little information as possible from our users. The information we ask for still allows you to remain anonymous whilst helping us to build an important picture of the opinions of our user base.

This is the personal information from our users at registration:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Postcode
  • Promo Code

If you do not wish to supply your personal information you can still take part in AMO votes. But your votes will only be used in general population questions.

Why does AMO use SMS?

We use SMS as a mechanism to make sure that we are only accepting votes from subscribers of UK handsets. Many of the online polls that you see on Facebook and Twitter etc are susceptable to being influenced by BOTS. Any SMS that does not reach us directly from one of the UK mobile networks will not be counted. 

In addition to this we can also prevent more than one vote being submitted by a single handset. The more sucessful we are in keeping BOTs and outside interests away from AMO polls the more we can make your opinions heard.

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AMO sends your votes securely via standard SMS, these are usually included free in UK airtime bundles. Ask your mobile supplier if you get inclusive SMS to standard UK mobiles.

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